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Important noticeTemporary we don't cover the one-time requests. We're working with companies under long-term service contracts. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We make exclusive, one-of-a-kind websites as well as websites built using standard, off-the-shelf solutions.

Exclusive websites have a unique design and program code; they are practically developed from scratch. We build exclusive turnkey websites: we develop the content, design, content management systems, and various interactive services including Intranet solutions such as industrial process control systems which are connected to a website and work synchronously with it. The only disadvantages of exclusive websites are the amount of time they take to complete and their high cost of development. Exclusive websites have multiple benefits. They are:


An exclusive design will guarantee that the website is correctly identified by online visitors. We do not use a pre-determined general style when working on the design. Our websites do not resemble one another; being unique and easy to remember are the most important factors. Instead of using commercially available off-the-shelf design templates, we develop a unique design for your exclusive website.


Ease of navigation is the top priority when developing an exclusive design based on specific content.


We insist on using one-of-a-kind content when building websites, using only original texts, photographs, audio, video and illustrations.

Reliable and secure

Exclusive websites do not have invalid links and errors in their program code. They are not run by standard, off-the-shelf website administration systems. A unique content management system is developed for each exclusive website practically from scratch. This guarantees that the website will be very convenient to administer and also be highly resistant to hackers. The content management system is equipped with a detailed description.


When you create an exclusive website you have an unlimited choice of program modules to use to complete various tasks, unlike in a typical website administration system. For an exclusive website, there is an infinite variety of program modules that can be created. Your only limitations are your imagination and project budget.


The choice of elite, high-speed hosting and quality programming enables online visitors to see an exclusive website irrespective of their bandwidth. Exclusive websites load instantly and provide convenient access to content, no matter which hardware and software online visitors are using to view them.


Savvy content delivery means that you don’t need to spend money on costly promotion — an exclusive website promotes itself over time.

Websites based on off-the-shelf solutions have two main advantages: their quick production time and low cost. The main disadvantages of these types of websites are their impersonal design, inconvenient navigation which doesn’t take certain aspects of the content into account, a very low level of security and the absence of any guarantees about the website’s stability. Almost all the same features which are benefits of exclusive websites turn into disadvantages when applied to standard websites. Of course, it’s possible to use a combined approach. In some cases, the combination of standard and exclusive elements is a good compromise. We can recommend building a standard website for a start-up business as just a temporary solution.

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