Website Audit

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Website audit

After a website audit, clients receive an expert report about the state of their website and its compliance with specific criteria.

The duration and difficulty of a website audit depends on the number of criteria to be checked. We highly recommend that clients with websites built using off-the-shelf solutions based on open source code have their websites audited on a regular basis.

We conduct website audits (perform checks on websites)

A website audit may reveal the following problems:

  • invalid links
  • errors in the program code
  • the website is not fully compliant with the standard declared by the developer
  • the website does not display properly for some visitors
  • the website does not function properly for some visitors
  • the website has computer viruses or links to resources containing malicious program code (viral code)
  • the website’s program code does not comply with new versions of scripting language interpreters (an audit is required before updating the software on the hosting provider’s servers)
  • security system vulnerability (documented permission from the website’s owner and a copy of the website are required for analysis)
  • issues with search engine indexation
  • the website ranks low in search engines
  • design errors that become noticeable when filling the website with content