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During our work in advertising we have come up with the “ten percent rule”. In other words, imagine that you have placed an advertisement. People will see the ad briefly but only about 10% of them will actually notice it. Out of those who noticed your advertisement, only 10% will be potentially interested. Of those who were potentially interested in it, only 10% will be interested enough to actually contact you. And only 10% of those who contacted you will place an order. That’s to say you can definitely count on getting just one client for every 10,000 people who saw your advertisement. Alas, in our opinion, the best results can only be achieved when there is high demand and no competition. Therefore, you must choose to either spend money on advertising, paying for 9999 useless advertisements resulting in one client, or attract your desired target audience without ongoing advertising expenses.

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The only free way to attract clients to your website is to make sure your website has good visibility in search engines in your region of interest for certain keywords or phrases. Many companies offer fast artificial growth in the number of visitors to your website by mainly using external factors like buying links on websites and social networks, emulating the interests of visitors to your website and other artificial methods. These techniques are certainly efficient but their quality is questionable. This may be good enough if you have a short-term business. But for a lasting effect you need to optimize your website for a real audience, not for search engines (SEO). Search engines are an extremely complex mechanism and you should not rely on the fact that they can be fooled. Imagine even just the financial resources, professional staff and expertise of companies which own search engines and those of companies offering website “search engines promotion” services. Even if you have a positive first impression of the success of artificial website promotion, over time your website will inevitably lose its position in search rankings and regaining its position in the rankings will be a lot more difficult than it was to initially achieve. Only quality support, gradually adding high-quality content to the website and updating the existing content can push your website step by step towards the top search engine rankings for particular searches. Ease of navigation and the presence of search queries which match the theme of your website will facilitate natural, stable promotion of your website in search engines better than external factors. This kind of natural website promotion is advantageous because it permanently increases and retains the number of visitors to your website without the need to constantly invest in the “promotion” of your website. In other words, your website will bring you new customers at a minimal cost or without any financial costs at all. The cost of professional website promotion to attract new clients is significantly lower than the cost of advertising and, unlike advertising, it has a permanent effect.

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