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Any website needs its own “home” for its life on the Internet. In theory, this could be your own computer connected to the Internet. However, the best solution is to select a professional hosting provider for your website, where it will live within a powerful professional computer server. A website’s efficiency does not depend on programming alone; external factors also play a huge role. These include such things as the stability of the server which is acting as the website’s “home”, how many of the server’s computational resources are dedicated to your website, the speed and reliability of the data transfer channel connecting the server to the Internet, and which part of the channel is available to your website’s visitors.

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Website hosting

The websites which we develop are usually hosted on Internet servers which are run by UNIX-like operating systems and various Web servers, mostly Apache. Problems resulting in websites being temporarily unavailable may occur with any hosting provider. It’s important how quickly these problems are detected and eliminated and the website’s normal efficiency is restored. Sometimes the website stops functioning properly after the software on the server has been updated. Not running the software update may solve this problem but may generate a number of other problems, including reduced hosting security level. To ensure that a website will continue to function normally after running a software update, we recommend conducting a website audit to check the website’s compatibility with new versions of software used by the hosting provider. Making changes to the website’s program code is required if the website is not compatible with new versions of website hosting software. Often such cases of a website being incompatible with new versions of hosting software are brought to light only when the website stops working correctly. In this case, before its normal functionality is restored, a website may not work for a few days or weeks, that is, until the website’s owners contact the developer, conduct an audit and implement the changes required to the website’s code to make it compatible with new technologies. These situations do not occur when the website is hosted and supported by the developer. Unfortunately, not many developers offer their clients Web hosting services. We do not offer hosting as a separate service, but we host websites that we have designed for our clients on our server located in Germany. Website hosting is free for clients who have ordered their websites from us. We also register .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu, .de, and .at domain names for our clients and help register domain names in other zones through third-party registrars.

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