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Are you no longer happy with your website but changing it to make it exactly how you would like it seems too difficult and expensive? Sometimes the best solution is to create a new website from scratch and transfer the old website’s content (information) to the new one. The content can be reworked, illustrated, and adapted for search engines. The way that information is presented may also be modified so that it’s consistent with the website’s new design.

We makeover websites

Sometimes the website’s content can be transferred without any changes; in this case, remaking a website does not affect the content in any way. When remaking a website, you must remember how search engines found the old website and either save the link structure on the new website or create a URL redirection map for search engines which they can use to figure out where certain pages of the old website are now located on the new one. Creating a URL redirection map is not a difficult task for a programmer.

When making major structural changes, sometimes you need to compare “how it was” with “how it became” in order not to miss any important nuances in the way information is presented. We can save a working copy of your old website and provide access to it via the new address, which is inaccessible to search engines and unauthorized users. We can give online visitors the choice of switching to the old version of the website if this is something you would like to offer them. A website audit must be conducted in order to determine if remaking the website from scratch is the best option. Sometimes it’s not necessary to redo the whole website but just certain sections of it. Often, remaking a website is not required at all since in most cases it’s possible to make the required changes without redoing the entire website.

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