What is content?

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Content is the main technological tier in the website creation process and it deserves the most attention. Unfortunately, it is often content which remains outside of the production process during website creation. Content is left for the future. It is not uncommon for websites to be published without any content at all with the website’s owner intending to independently fill their website with content later on using a content management system. In the rarest cases, when the owner of a website has a powerful advertising department, this may be justified, but as a rule, this approach results in the website remaining unfinished and often being remade from scratch at a later date.

It’s not worthwhile beginning work on the website’s design without at least having content ready for the main pages, which can be reached in a single click. Content makes it possible for web designers to develop a design procedure and identify style templates which you can use to complete the website on your own, without disrupting the content’s overall visual style. Websites without any uniform style of content design do not make a good impression on visitors because the absence of uniformity makes it difficult for them to perceive content and may have an adverse effect on your image — the lack of a common style is the first sign that information has not been presented in a professional manner.

Content presents certain technical requirements for a website’s software component. The availability, location and principle of operation of interactive elements, pop-up windows, help system, media players and the like are often impossible to predict before content is ready.

Visitors are primarily interested in a website’s content. A website’s content is the driving force in attracting online visitors. Search engines analyze content, and depending on the quality of this content, may or may not lead visitors to a website.

Content must be unique. Search engines ignore borrowed content and do their utmost to provide the online visitor with the original source. We have received more than one proposal from fully respectable and successful business people to take content from competitors’ websites, alter it slightly, and then place it on the website we are creating for them. This approach causes us to cast serious doubt on the client’s intentions. We insist on creating unique content because we care about the websites we make.

Creating content is the most complicated and the most time-consuming task but if you don’t do it you will never come up with a good website. We have copywriters, journalists, publicists, photographers, videographers, translators, proofreaders and other specialists who are ready to help you during the content creation process, which is led by a content manager. It is content which underlies the technical tasks of web designers, front-end developers and programmers.